39: Taylor Leonhardt

September 29, 2017

Episode 39 welcomes singer/songwriter TAYLOR LEONHARDT! We discuss Drew Barrymore being the nerdy girl avatar, the art behind great dance parties, growing up in a water park, youth group lock-ins, being influenced early on by Patsy Cline and Patty Griffin, the influences on her new album RIVER HOUSE and more!


38: Live from ETTL 2017 w/ Andy Gullahorn and The Mosley’s

August 31, 2017

It's that time of year again! Our annual live episode from Cedar Lake, IN at UTR Media's ESCAPE TO THE LAKE 2017!  This episode Nick is joined onstage by guests Andy Gullahorn and Stephen & Rachel Mosley!


37: Sara Bareilles

August 1, 2017

Nick is flying solo this week discussing singer/songwriter SARA BAREILLES!  Plus listerner feedback and more!


36: John Hughes

July 21, 2017

Nick is flying solo on episode 36 to discuss the life, films, and impact of filmmaker JOHN HUGHES!  Plus, it's the one year anniversary of the podcast!  Also Nick talks about getting busted trespassing on a very famous property, watching E.T. for the first time (recently), and listener feedback!


35: Summer Music

June 14, 2017

This week Nick jumps in solo to an episode full of summertime songs to fill up the long days!  Nick dives deep into the sweet nostalgia of summers past, and highlights tons of albums and artists along the way, PLUS a mega-sized listener feedback segment!


34: Master Of None / The Spectacular Now w/ Natalie Schlabs

May 25, 2017

Guest co-host NATALIE SCHLABS (@NatalieSchlabs) is back on the show! She talks about the Netflix series MASTER OF NONE and Nick deep dives into the 2013 film THE SPECTACULAR NOW. Plus male rompers, we invent a new podcast about butts, how words are dumb, the awkward beauty of writing retreats, and so much more!


33: Documentaries / Jim Henson w/ Stacy Lantz

May 20, 2017

Stacy Lantz returns as guest co-host! We discuss her favorite documentaries and Nick talks Jim Henson, plus the ups and downs of being an indie artist, how Doris Day changed Stacy's life, reminiscing about Rescue 911, Unsolved Mysteries, and more!


32: Top 3 Baseball Movies

May 12, 2017

There's no crying in podcasting! Nick is solo talking about one of his favorite movie genres, BASEBALL MOVIES! And highlights a few of his favorite films in that genre.  Plus listner feedback and more!


31: Almost Famous

May 4, 2017

Nick is flying solo this week talking about his other ALL TIME FAVORITE film ALMOST FAMOUS! 


30: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind / Tombstone w/ Megan Whitmer

April 20, 2017

Guest co-host MEGAN WHITMER joins Nick to talk about her favorite movie TOMBSTONE, and Nick geeks out over ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND!  Plus celebrity encounter stories, Wisconsin's weird name for water fountains, dancing T-Rex's and more!